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Use Zeus To Counter Colossus & Become The Most Valued and Sought After P.I. Practitioner Among Competitors

If you’re business depends on getting new personal injury patients and attorney referrals, the “Fight Back Seminar” will provide you with a USP to get you the lion share of referrals from attorneys for their ability to: prevent adjusters and IME’s from disputing, denying, omitting and discounting their injury claims and enhance injury case settlement valuation by 4-to-5 times the average.  ZEUS  increases overall respect and creates a consistent, predictable source of attorney referrals.

Attorneys are even sending clients already treated by other doctors to Zeus users to “FIX” their mistakes.

Attorney Testimonial:

My first experience was to learn there was a vast difference in other doctors’ medical chart files using other EMR Record Systems which do not meet my full needs to represent an injury claim.

I have found the doctors using Zeus exhibit a unique core competence in superior documentation skills able to tag and extract the greatest number of decision points that input added valuation into a Colossus claim, enhance claim value and eliminate litigation obstacles that others have not been able to do.

The following is a prime example of how Zeus can add value to a case:

I received a settlement offer of $16,000.00. This offer was based on a demand letter drafted based on a doctor that utilized a traditional medical record system. I referred that client for a 2nd opinion to a doctor using Zeus and resubmitted a new demand which included additional factors the Zeus doctor found. I received a new offer in the amount of $47,000.00 without having to incur the time and expense of filing a complaint and litigation. I personally attribute the increased offer to Zeus systems ability to tag and extract decision points and value drivers that I don’t get with other doctors. I currently refer to a local chiropractor using Zeus over an MD.

P. Beaton, ESQ.

Exchanging sufficient data and inputting added value into a Colossus claim is accomplished with ZEUS, personal injury specific EMR System designed exclusively to counter Colossus and prevent unfair claims acts & settlement valuation. ZEUS gives you Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) among the plaintiff attorneys in your community.

To establish the veracity of injuries and win the “Greater Weight” of the evidence challenges, the medical documentation must meet court approved evidentiary “burdens of proof” to establish the preponderance and show that “soft tissue” injuries meet “serious injury thresholds”. ZEUS utilizes the below listed “Quality Systems” showing the Whole Person Impairment Rating according to the AMA Guide edition, chapter, table and page utilized in the determinations.

* AMA Guidelines (5th Edition) * Injury Model Examination * Diagnostic Related Estimates Of Injury
* Diagnostic Based Injuries * Specific Disorders Of the Spine * Spine Impairment Summary
* Whole Person Impairment Rating * Abbreviated Injury Scale * Quality Systems Of Control

Unfortunately, standard EHR Systems are based on the Center For Medicare Service Guidelines while the 3rd party, commercial, independent insurance companies based their guidelines on 67,880 Colossus “Decision Points” of which 80% are missing in standard EHR Systems. Therefore, without Zeus, you are not able to exchange sufficient  ”Decision Point” data of an injury claim to interface and input added valuation into a Colossus claim.

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